Sep 16, 2020
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TikTok’s grant0411 Is More Interesting Than His Rainbow Beard

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Daniel Grant, known as grant0411 on TikTok, had stumbled on a viral TikTok by salon owner Ruby Devine showing a woman’s rainbow hair. “It looked like a holographic image, but it was real.” he said in an interview with TikTok Newser.

He promised his followers that if he got 100,000 likes on his reaction video, he’d dye his beard rainbow. Devine quickly found out about his promise and invited him to Washington D.C. where they dyed his beard.

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Grant went live, as did Devine, and as Devine pointed her followers to his stream, he raised money for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Then he went home. “You’re just walking by the road, [they’re] honking at me, just “what the heck?” I live in a small town so it’s really country… this guy’s rainbow beard? Never seen this before.” Grant said.

The beard only lasted two days because Grant was interviewing for jobs from his hometown of Bedford, Pa., where his friends had already discovered his TikTok. “They’re like — what the heck — this isn’t you. So not you,” he said. “I strive to be my best in real life… I’m more calm of a person, I handle things really well.”

On TikTok, Grant is anything but calm. The channel — with more than 273,000 followers — is a variety show. It features his oversized reactions to oddities, magic tricks, dogs jumping really high, and humans dancing. The numbers at the end of the 25-year-old U.S. Army veteran’s name are his daughter’s birthday, April 11th.

His first video, in which he reacts to an upset Karen at a drive-thru, has 3 million views and more than 484,000 likes. “It opened me up to be a new person that I wasn’t.” he said. “Hundreds of people message me every day, just telling me, you know, you helped me with my depression, with anxiety.”

In high school, Grant played soccer and ran track. One day when he was 16, his Army Ranger dad invited him to come on a bike ride. “It’s like 95 degrees out,” he told his father. “You’re crazy.” A driver under the influence of narcotics hit his father at 90 miles an hour, killing him.

In college, Grant was on the soccer team, studying criminal justice with the intention of becoming a state trooper, but left to join the Army as an 11B, the occupation code for an infantryman.

Two years later, he witnessed his brother’s death, and several months after that, got diagnosed with PTSD. “You can’t do what you could do… something happens in life and it completely changes you. You know, you lose someone you talk to every day. And I was just healing for losing my dad at the age of 16.”

Grant feels passionately about mental health issues, he battles anxiety and depression. His followers interact with him regularly. “A lot of adults message me, and they’re like in their 40s, and they’re asking me for advice. And I’m like, I’m 25. It’s just crazy. I think about it — like, you’re 55 years old, you have three kids, you’ve been divorced four times, and I mean, you’re asking me for advice?” he said.

He says his favorite musical artist, Post Malone, has gotten him through a lot. His favorite TV show is The Office, and will continue his path as an influencer.

You can follow Daniel Grant (grant0411) on TikTok here.

“If my phone is half-charged, I will plug it in… I won’t let it get anywhere [near] 20 percent.”

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